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Home Audio Sermons 2012-2013
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Title Speaker Date
The Scheme of Redemption Part II Heath Stone January 8, 2012
The Scheme of Redemption Part III Heath Stone February 12, 2012
Cease and Desist Heath Stone April 8, 2012
The Pursuit of Happiness Daniel Matthews May 6, 2012
Psalm 22 Mike Sobiech May 13, 2012
The Wages of Sin Daniel Matthews June 3, 2012
Redemption Heath Stone June 10, 2012
Change the World Josh McKibben June 17, 2012 Powerpoint
Emotion Without Emotionalism Jim Hardy July 29, 2012
Who Is My Neighbor? Daniel Matthews August 5, 2012
Hebrews 12 Jerry Hersey September 2, 2012
Following Jesus Heath Stone September 9, 2012
Gospel Meeting
Are You Really Living by Faith?* Josh McKibben October 1, 2012
(Living God's Way)
Are You Ready to Become a Christian?* Josh McKibben October 2, 2012
(The Age of Accountability)
Debt Daniel Matthews October 7, 2012
Christians and Politics Daniel Matthews November 4, 2012
Other Chapter 3 Verse 16 Verses Daniel Matthews December 2, 2012
Does the Lord's House Lie in Ruins? Jim Hardy December 30, 2012
God's Expectations of His People Jim Hardy January 6, 2013
Psalm 91 Jim Hardy January 13, 2013
Challenges for Our Growing Congregation Jim Hardy January 20, 2013
Repentance: the Tough One Josh McKibben January 27, 2013
Are You a Disciple of Jesus? Jim Hardy February 3, 2013
Blessings and Responsibilities of Being a Christian Jim Hardy February 10, 2013
Our Assembling Together Jim Hardy February 17, 2013
When Sin Comes to Church Josh McKibben February 24, 2013
Principles of Prayer Jim Hardy March 3, 2013
The Practice of Prayer Jim Hardy March 10, 2013
Studying the Bible Jim Hardy March 17, 2013
Effectively Communicating the Gospel Josh McKibben March 24, 2013
The Celebration of Easter Jim Hardy March 31, 2013
The Joy of Singing Jim Hardy April 7, 2013
Growing in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ Jim Hardy April 14, 2013
Overcoming Sin Jim Hardy April 21, 2013
The Walk of a Christian Josh McKibben April 28, 2013
Discerning between Good and Evil Jim Hardy May 5, 2013
The Christian and Good Works Jim Hardy May 19, 2013
The Church and the Poor Josh McKibben May 26, 2013
Increasing Opportunities to Share the Gospel Jim Hardy June 2, 2013
Increasing Opportunities to Share the Gospel Pt.2 Jim Hardy June 9, 2013
Growing Up in God Jim Hardy June 16, 2013
Bearing Fruit in Old Age Josh McKibben June 23, 2013 Powerpoint
Beatitudes of the Kingdom Jim Hardy June 30, 2013
Why I Believe in God Jim Hardy July 7, 2013 Powerpoint
Why I Believe in the Bible Jim Hardy July 14, 2013 Powerpoint
Why I Believe in Jesus Christ Jim Hardy July 21, 2013 Powerpoint
Gospel Meeting
Hebrews 12:1 Problems and Sin Matt Dixon July 22, 2013
Hebrews 12:2 Remedy for Sin Matt Dixon July 23, 2013
Hebrews 12:3 Hope Matt Dixon July 24, 2013
The Stain of Sin Josh McKibben July 28, 2013 Powerpoint
Why I Believe in the Church Jim Hardy August 4, 2013 Powerpoint
Which Church Do You Go To? Jim Hardy

August 11, 2013

The Gospel of Christ Jim Hardy August 18, 2013 Powerpoint
Enduring to the End Josh McKibben August 25, 2013
Why Baptism? Jim Hardy September 1, 2013 Powerpoint
Jesus is Coming Back Jim Hardy September 8, 2013 Powerpoint
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be Jim Hardy September 15, 2013 Powerpoint
Lessons from the Family of Isaac Landon Rutter September 22, 2013
A Christian is a Person Reborn Jim Hardy September 29, 2013
I Belong to the Lord! Jim Hardy October 6, 2013
Gospel Meeting
Seeing God on His Throne Michael Hersey October 11, 2013 Powerpoint
Saturday Singing Workshop Michael Hersey October 12, 2013
Our Sacrifice of Worship Michael Hersey October 12, 2013 Powerpoint
Worship in the Face of Trials Michael Hersey October 13, 2013 Powerpoint
The Lamb of God Michael Hersey October 13, 2013 Powerpoint
The Lamb of God Part 2 Michael Hersey October 13, 2013
Looking to Heaven Michael Hersey October 13, 2013 Powerpoint
Which Church Is the Right One? Jim Hardy October 20, 2013 Powerpoint
Blessings Mackenzie Morris October 27, 2013
Living by Faith Jim Hardy November 3, 2013 Powerpoint
Sanctified in Christ Jim Hardy November 10, 2013 Powerpoint
Guarded by the Power of God Jim Hardy November 17, 2013 Powerpoint
Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God Steve Patterson November 24, 2013
Saved to Serve Jim Hardy December 1, 2013 Powerpoint
Connected to Other Christians Jim Hardy December 8, 2013 Powerpoint
Blessings from the Lord Jim Hardy December 15, 2013 Powerpoint
Caleb and His Faith Landon Rutter December 22, 2013
The Need for Punctuality Jim Hardy December 29, 2013 Powerpoint

* These sermons are from the Providence church of Christ (Brodhead, KY) website


and the Expressway church of Christ (Louisville, KY) website


Additional sermons can be found on the Pine Grove church of Christ (Manchester, KY) website